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 Vetiver Floral Water


Weight : 100ml

Vetiver Floral Water

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Vetiver Floral Water

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Our Vetiver water is steam-distilled from mountain water and roots of organically grown plants at our in-house unit.  Vetiver is cooling to the body and calming to the mind. 

  • Reduces anxiety and mental fatigue
  • Grounding effect
  • Improves concentration
  • Hair tonic and fragrance
  • Add a tsp per lt to make a cooling drink
  • Mix with aloe gel and use as face mist
  • Add to aloe gel and use a cooling face and hair mask
  • Mix with our other floral waters to make fragrant natural body mists 
  • Pillow mist to calm down before sleep
  • Organically grown in Utterakhand
  • Extremely fragrant 
  • No Preservatives
  • Skin Cooling & soothing 
  • Edible grade

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