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 Nurjahan Rose Water


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Nurjahan Rose Water

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Nurjahan Rose Water

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Rosewater made with steam distilled mountain water and Nurjahan Variety of Organically Grown roses at foot of Himalayas 

Botanical name - Nurjahan Damask Rosa x damascena (damask)

Shelf life 18 months

Our Rose water is steam-distilled from mountain water and rose petals from organically grown Nurjahan-damask rose at our in-house unit.  It has a sweet floral scent with therapeutic and culinary values. 


  • Best skin toner
  • Soothes sun burns 
  • Cooling to the eyes, reduces puffiness
  • Therapeutic for awakening love, sensuality, self-love and healing emotional wounds
  •  Perfume like strong fragrance
  • Anti-Depressant & Anti-Anxiety properties to treat many Mental Health Conditions
  • Heals Wounds, Scars, Burns, Cuts 
  • Drink Rose Water to aid  Sore Throats, Constipation, Bloating & Upset Stomach.
  • Add a tsp per lt to make Detox water
  • Flavour deserts with our rosewater
  • Mix with aloe gel and use as face mist
  • Apply on wounded, scars or burn area for faster healing.
  • Spray on face before and after make-up as setting spray
  • Dab on face after wash to rehydrate skin And maintain ph  
  • Mix with our other floral waters to make fragrant natural body mists 
  • Nurjahan Variety
  • Organically Grown at foot of Himalayas 
  • Extremely Fragrant
  • No Preservatives
  • Edible Grade
  • Skin Cooling & soothing 
  • Affordable substitute for rose essential oil 

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