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 Thyme Essential Oil


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Thyme Essential Oil

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Thyme Essential Oil

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Thyme oil comes from the perennial herb known as Thymus vulgaris. This herb is a member of the mint family, and it’s used for cooking, mouthwashes, potpourri and aromatherapy.  It’s native to southern Europe from the western Mediterranean to southern Italy. Due to the herb’s essential oils, it has a number of health benefits; in fact, these benefits have been recognized across the Mediterranean for thousands of years. Thyme oil is antiseptic, antibacterial, antispasmodic, hypertensive and has calming properties.

Here are some easy ways to use thyme oil in your everyday life:

  • To ease fatigue, add 2 drops of thyme oil to warm bath water.
  • To relieve menstrual cramps, rub 2 drops of thyme oil with equal parts carrier oil on your abdomen.
  • To use as a mouthwash, add 2 drops of thyme oil to water and gargle.
  • To open blocked nasal passages, inhale 2 drops of thyme oil, or add it to hot water for steam inhalation.
  • To kill toe fungus, add 5 drops of thyme oil to a warm foot bath.
  • To kill infections and rashes, rub 2 drops of thyme oil to the needed area.
  • To increase circulation, inhale or diffuse 2–3 drops of thyme oil daily.

Thyme oil is safe for adults and children when consumed in normal food amounts and when taken as medication for short periods of time. A possible side effect is disrupting the digestive system; if you notice this, stop using thyme right away. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, thyme oil is safe, but stick to food amounts because there is not a lot of research on the side effects at this time.

Thyme oil is most likely safe when applied to the skin, but there are some reports of skin irritations as a result of using thyme oil, so test the oil on a patch of skin first. People who are allergic to oregano or other Lamiaceae species might also be allergic to thyme.

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